Updated: Nov 23, 2020

I have heard this question innumerable times...and I think it’s fair to say that I will continue to hear it, well into the End of Days, when hair becomes the least of our worries.

The root (PUN FUN!) of this issue is very basic and something I educate my clients on, right off the bat:

Hair is “hygroscopic,” which means it has a tendency to absorb moisture from the air around it. If your hair is feeling parched and under-moisturized, it will open up its cuticle and suck in whatever it finds in the atmosphere--in the summer, that’s humidity; in the winter, that’s static.

This is why hair puffs.

If you can get into the mindset “When my hair gets large and in charge, it means it’s under moisturized,” that will be the biggest step you can take toward living an un-puffy life.


The first solution I would present to you is conditioner. Have you ever wondered what the deuce this stuff is for?


Conditioner is applied after shampoo to fill your hair strands with that sweet, sweet moisture and then gently smooth down the cuticle, making it far less likely to open up and suck in whatever the hell’s in the atmosphere.

So from here on out, you need to make a solemn vow to both me and your hair that you will never...NEVER!!!...shampoo again without immediately following with conditioner.

And because I can hear the wheels in your brain turning, let me cut you off at the pass: TWO-IN-ONES DO **NOT** COUNT. Those things are garbage and they fail at both of their intended uses and if you have one in your shower right now, pawn it off on someone you secretly hate...and then watch in vindictive delight as their hair gets bigger and bigger.

I’ll talk about further ways to moisturize (in case conditioning just ain’t cuttin’ it) in other blog posts, so stick around!

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