Welcome, friend!


I’ll start off by saying that grooming is IMPORTANT.

It as much a part of who we are as eating and sleeping. Even when we were doing that sleeping in trees and flinging poop at each other, we still groomed ourselves and fellow pack members. (Mostly because of the poop missiles...but the point remains!)

Grooming gives us a sense of control over who we present to the world and even if your daily routine is little more than washing your hair and body, there are ways to maximize it--and that’s where Fix Your Damn Hair comes in!


Between my mentor, Amanda Olusanya, and I, we know a LOT about masculine grooming and we will tell you everything we know about it--Amanda through her YouTube channel, me with these blogs. 

If I encounter something we don’t know, I will hunt down people who do know and I will shake them violently until they give me/us answers. I love nothing more than the adventure of discovering new things and I want to share everything I learn with you.


We were sifting through the Men’s Lifestyle Blogosphere one afternoon and realized there were very few that were STRICTLY about grooming; and the ones that were, were done by Ordinary Joes with no industry experience...and they sometimes gave really, really bad advice. Please stop listening to them.

Our other beef was that most of the blogs also presumed that the reader had unlimited funds. I mean...I just about stroked-out when I saw one blog peddling $70 socks! Unless those socks are made out of former Kentucky Derby winners’ hides or the downy chin feathers of a bald eagle, I just don’t think they could POSSIBLY be worth it. Grooming is something completely independent of wealth and everyone should be able to do it. PERIOD.


This is why Fix Your Damn Hair was created.


It came from a desire to share our knowledge with you and help you feel a sense of control over your appearance--to teach you how to style your hair, how to choose the right products for your hair type, how to deal with hair loss, introduce you to the miracle that-is basic skin care...OH! THERE IS SO MUCH TO TELL YOU!

And along the way, I hope I can make you laugh.


So there you have it, Gentle Reader--an origin story for the absolute shenanigans you are about to get yourself into. There will be tons and tons of information...there will be swears...there will be obnoxiously strong opinions...but there will NOT be anything pertaining to Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper, ‘cause they are the WORST and can suck a big fat one.